Tax compliance (for monthly and yearly)

Registered company as a tax payer must comply with the obligation of monthly tax compliance such as preparing e-tax filling and payment on Valued Added Tax (VAT), Prepayment Tax On Income (PTOI), Withholding Tax (WHT), Valued added tax foreign e-commerce, Tax on Salary (TOS), Specific Tax (SPT), Accommodation Tax (ACT) and Public Lighting Tax (PLT) to General Department of Taxation .

We are here to offer the service of:
  • Preparation and E-Filling of monthly tax return
  • Preparation and E-filling of annual tax on income return

Tax Advisory

We offer tax advisory for the company such as :
  • Tax planning service: it is better for company to plan the tax structure on various transactions which involve potential tax risks.
  • Tax retainer service: we provide advice on day-to- day operation of clients via phone call, email for meeting for any question which clients meet during daily business transaction for compliance.

Tax Ruling

We offer tax ruling service for the solution of unclear provision in tax law and regulation by obtain the written tax ruling certificate from tax authority. This ruling is the response to requests from taxpayers for advice and clear interpretation on a specific tax matter.

Assistance in handling tax audit

We offer assistant in handling tax audit for clients on the commercial risks, and identifying control around these risks. We identify, communicate and perform improvement opportunity and offer solution regarding to auditing matters to client. We participate and engage with the tax auditing team members to have full understanding of the client’s business and expectation. We perform required audit procedures to obtain sufficient audit evidence over certain areas of the audit with a focus on quality and in accordance with applicable auditing standards

Business Registration

In order to operate business legally, company should register a business and it may involve a series of ministries or institution. In overall, Ministry of Commerce (MoC), General Department of Taxation (GDT) and Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT) are the main relevant ministry that company need to register business with.
We offer our service for :

  • Business registration for normal company
  • Business registration for Qualify Investment Project (QIP)

Other Service

We offer our other service as per following:

  • Obtaining certificate of incentive under double taxation agreement
  • Obtaining certificate of Vat Zero
  • Obtaining certificate of Vat Refund
  • Obtaining certificate of tax holiday
  • Obtaining certificate of carrying proper accounting record
  • Renew certificate of Patent annually
  • Other related tax services